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Rosa (H) Jacques Cartier
Rosa (H) Jubilee Celebration
Rosa (H) Jude the Obscure
Rosa (H) L.D. Braithwaite
Rosa (H) Miss Alice
Rosa (H) Molineux
Rosa (H) Noble Antony
Rosa (H) Pat Austin
Rosa (H) Queen of Sweden
Rosa (H) Rosemoor
Rosa (H) Scepter d'Isle
Rosa (H) Sharifa Asma
Rosa (H) Sophy's Rose
Rosa (H) Spirit of Freedom
Rosa (H) Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Rosa (H) The Dark Lady
Rosa (H) The Mayflower
Rosa (H) The Pilgrim
Rosa (H) William Shakespeare
Rosa (H) Winchester Cathedral
Rosa (MOE) Cariad
Rosa (MOE) Cottage Rose
Rosa (MOE) Darcey Bussell
Rosa (MOE) Gentle Hermione
Rosa (MOE) Lady Emma Hamilton
Rosa (MOE) Lady of Shalott
Rosa (MOE) Munstead Wood
Rosa (MOE) Port Sunlight
Rosa (MOE) Princess Alexandra of Kent
Rosa (MOE) Princess Anne
Rosa (MOE) Sir John Betjeman
Rosa (MOE) Strawberry Hill
Rosa (MOE) Summer Song
Rosa (MOE) Susan William Ellis
Rosa (MOE) Tam O' Shanter
Rosa (MOE) The Shepherdess
Rosa (MOE) Wisley 2008
Rosa (P) 'The Fairy'
Rosa (T) 'Criterion'
Rosa (T) 'Dame de Coeur'
Rosa (T) 'Doris Tysterman'
Rosa (T) 'Mister Lincoln'
Rosa (T) 'Sabine'
Rosa (T) 'Sunblest'
Rosa (T) 'Waltz Time'
Rosa (T) 'White Symphonie'
Rosa (T) Graham Thomas
Rosa (T) Landora
Rosa (T) Mary Rose
Rosa (T) Piccadilly